Death Valley Photographers Guide

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ISBN 978-0984641505
7" x 9"
114 pages
102 color photographs
5 maps
Over 60 locations

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Death Valley Photographers Guide
Gold Award
Best Photo Travel Guide

Death Valley Photographers Guide
Writer of the Year
Best Travel Guide

Death Valley Photographers Guide


"a handy reference book that will not only help you get better photographs at Death Valley, but help you develop your eye for wherever you find yourself in the National Park System." more

-- Kurt Repanshek, National Parks Traveler

"a helpful guide and an entertaining read, thanks to Suzio's humor and clear-cut style."

-- Geralee Sullivan, PhotoSource International

"a beautiful and useful and wonderfully organized book. Dan covers every square inch of the Valley, and provides great info, handsome maps and (of course) gorgeous, arresting photos."

-- Susan Patron, Newbery Award-winning author

"Suzio is generous with his hints and tips and even his favourite locations within Death Valley. The book is also packed with awe-inspiring images of the I wish I had taken that type. The point being, you could take that photograph, armed with the knowledge and skill learned within these pages. It is not necessary to go to Death Valley to experiment with wildlife or landscape photography, nor to benefit from Suzio's knowledge and experience." more

-- Mark O'Shea, herpetologist, photographer, author, and TV personality

"a must for photographers exploring Death Valley. The author has traveled throughout the region for several decades, and his experience and keen judgment shines through on every page."

-- Customer review on

"With Suzio's guide in hand, visitors will surely capture plenty of sizzling shots from this legendary hot spot."

-- Craig and Liz Larcom, American Road Magazine

"Whether or not you're a shutterbug, you'll enjoy this artist's-eye tour of Death Valley's most photogenic locations and attractions."

-- John Weeks, San Jose Mercury-News

"I've been exploring Death Valley for eight years and I thought I was getting to know the park pretty well. After reading Dan's guide I realize I've yet to scratch the surface! I can't wait to get back out there armed with all of Dan's generous knowledge." more

-- Rebecca Jackrel, wildlife photographer

"more than a where-to or a how-to ... the book is a delight for the eyes. For the photographer, the book is a must-have. It is a book you will return to again and again."

-- Bern Kreissman, Sierra Club Bonanza

"this book is an authentic treasure."

-- Marjorie Bell, Sierra Club Roadrunner